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AR & VR Creative  Development  


About Us  

Wabisabi Design, Inc. is a Creative Studio focused on building immersive experiences with groundbreaking technologies in the AR, VR and Game Development fields, with the clear objective of leaving a meaningful impact on people.

Augmented Reality (AR),  Virtual Reality (VR) and Game Development are the ideal platforms and technologies for the next wave of experiential marketing for brands and diverse applications such as Education, Training and Simulation for corporate clients. 

What we offer  

AR & VR for Advertising

Immersive experiences for brands to connect and engage with their audiences in a fresh and new way.

AR & VR for Education

Technologies focused on improving the experience of educating both young and adult audiences.

AR & VR for Training

Experiences made for training personnel in specific situations where real life exercises are out of the scope.

VFX / CGI Development

Creation of visual effects and computer generated images for immersive experiences.

UI / UX Design & Consultancy

Interaction and Experience Design for all kinds of platforms like Mobile, Web, Desktop, etc.


Our Partners



Flow Fest 2019

Client: Coca-Cola / LiveNation

Type: Social AR on Facebook & Instagram

Description: Flow Fest is the biggest live reggaeton festival in Latin America and we created the mascot for it: Jimmy G.

Jimmy G lives as an Augmented Reality Filter inside of Facebook and Instagram, where you can party with him.

On top of that, during the first week of August, Jimmy G released the festival line up inside the same augmented reality experience.

Technology: Spark AR / Javascript

Fanta Terror House

Client: Fanta

Type: Social AR on Facebook

Description: Fanta terror house is an AR experience where you discover what happened in a haunted house.

As you search the house, you find Fanta cans which unlock bits of the story of what happened in there.

While you search, watch out for the unknown.

Technology: Spark AR / Javascript

Ciel Emoji Game

Client: Coca-Cola / LiveNation

Type: AR Minigame on Facebook

Description: Ciel is a bottled water brand that helps you keep your body hydrated and ready for your everyday life. When people around you is not well hydrated, they feel like bad emojis are coming at you.

We created a mini game where you have to find bad emojis and destroy them in a time limit where users could win a discount to get Ciel Water at the convenience store. 

Technology: Spark AR / Javascript

Cinepolis Popcorn Game

Client: Cinepolis

Type: AR Minigame on Facebook

Description: Waiting inline for the candy shop in the Cinema can be a pain. That is why we developed this mini game where people can play while waiting and get prizes that can be redeemed in the shop.

Technology: Spark AR / Javascript

Ghost Detective

Client: Nitere / Rhizomatiks

Type: VR for Advertising / UI & UX

Description: Nitere is one of the mayor Television Networks in Japan, creating all kinds of contents from Drama, Documentaries, Sports, etc.

Nitere requested to create an Interactive VR Drama where people can participate in the story to discover who is the serial killer living in the building.

Technology: Unity / iOS / Android

Mundet Taquero

Client: Mundet

Type: AR Filter on Facebook

Description: Mundet wanted to celebrate Mexico's Independence in a very different way. Instead of celebrating the typical heroes of our nation, they decided to celebrate the heroes everybody love but don't get enough credit for their jobs: The Taquero.

We built an AR filter that allows people to become a taquero so they can share their love for these heroes of our nation.

Technology: Spark AR / Javascript

Watchme Messenger

Client: Pocket Supernova

Type: AR / Mobile Development / Apple Watch

Description: Reel of several projects we have worked in, including Consultancy and Development of Shaders.

Technology: Unity / Others

RPG Minigame

Client: JRPG Co.

Type: AR Minigame on Snapchat

Description: Development of a AR mini game for the launch campaign of a Japanese RPG game where users can experience a simplified version of the combat system.

Technology: Lens Studio / Javascript

Hermés Nature of Men

Client: Hermés

Type: AR / Mobile Development

Description: For the release of the Men's Collection of 2016, Hermes did a huge event in Tokyo and we created an AR Camera app for snapping pictures with different "auras" as a give away for the guests.

Technology: iOS / OpenCV / GPUImage


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